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Best Exercises to Get Rid of Your Cellulite

The battle against cellulite represents a multi-billion dollar industry supplied by plastic surgeons, cosmetic skin cream manufacturers and the makers of all types of massagers, exercise equipment, specialized garments, work out videos, and straight-up gimmicks that promise to help us get rid cellulite once and for all!

Yet, the simple truth is this - the best treatment for cellulite removal remains a healthy lifestyle which includes sensible dietary choices and is centered around daily physical exertion of various types -- including strength training, resistance exercises, as well as aerobics!

Do you have to become a fitness health guru that works out 2 to 3 a hours a day? No, not at all. All you need is roughly 30 to 45 minutes a day -- sometimes less -- and you can accomplish all of your cellulite removal goals.

Why Exercise Is Excellent for Cellulite Removal

Cellulite removal and exercise go hand in hand because without physical exertion, your body will have much more difficulty burning excess calories and fat. Even for those who don't have an overall weight problem, cellulite remains a form of excess fat that is notoriously hard to get rid of. However, by participating in strength and resistance training, you can effectively target and reduce cellulite fat quickly while toning your muscles and affecting a smoother looking appearance all over your body.

Not only do these types of exercises kick your fat burning mechanism into high gear, they also provide a host of other health benefits. That said, it is highly advantageous to take multi-tiered approach to cellulite exercises. After all, why attack a problem from one angle, when you can do so from multiple angles, right?

Plan to include at least 20 minutes of aerobics/cardio exercises for cellulite, with 15 to 20 minutes each of strength training and isometrics at least five days a week. Also, plan to take one day per week off from doing cellulite exercises to give your body a rewarding and much deserved break.

A Quick Note Before You Continue...

The exercises you're about to read are the typical kinds of exercises you've always heard about with weight loss. However, do not let that make you think your goal is merely to lose weight -- it isn't!

What your attempting to do is build some learn muscle and tighten those areas up, even if it's just slightly, so cellulite doesn't show through the skin. After all, even skinny people have cellulite, so it's not always about weight. It's about muscle!

1. Squats for Cellulite On Legs, Thighs, & Buttocks

It's a bit difficult to differentiate cellulite exercises for the legs, thighs and buttocks, because what works for the thighs is also beneficial for the buttocks, and vice versa. Squats are great cellulite removal exercises for buttocks and thighs, because they target the deltoids and the gluteal muscles.

Basic Instructions: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Contract your abdominal muscles while slowly bending your knees as if you're going to sit down on a chair. Do not let your knees extend beyond your toes. Balance your weight on the balls of your feet and stick your butt out. Try to lower yourself until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Slowly return to a standing position while contracting your gluteal muscles in the buttocks.

As you become stronger over time, you might want to add some weight in the form of light hand barbells to maximize the results of this, and other, anti cellulite exercises.

2. Lunges for Cellulite On Legs, Thighs, Buttocks

Lunges are another great type of cellulite exercises for the legs, thighs, and buttocks that places more stress on the gluteal muscles, but also utilizes the deltoids.

Basic Instructions: From a starting position with your feet shoulder width apart, take a step back to stagger your feet. Plant your front foot firmly on the floor, then lift your back heel until your weight is balanced on the ball of your back foot. While counting slowly to four, gently bend both knees. Take care not to allow your front knee to extend beyond your toes. While again counting to four, return to the start position while contracting your gluteal muscles and hamstrings.

3. Push-ups for Cellulite on Arms

One of the simplest anti cellulite exercises for the arms are push ups. They are easy to do, can be done anywhere, and the results are terrific for, in my opinion, very little effort. Push ups target and strengthen the bicep and tricep muscles of the arms.

Basic Instructions: Kneel down while placing your hands shoulder width apart on the floor under your shoulders in front of you. Hold your body straight and steady with elbows spine straight as well. Concentrate to make sure you do not arch your back or stick your butt up into the air.

Tuck in your chin while slowly lowering your body until your face nearly touches the floor and your body is more or less parallel to the ground. Push yourself back up into the starting position. Continue to a count of ten, or until you cannot complete any more correctly.

4. Bicep Curls for the Arms

Another incredibly straightforward arm exercise for cellulite. Girls, don't worry about developing big 'terminator' biceps. You don't have the hormones to develop these naturally, and you're not trying to build muscles, rather merely strengthen them and tone the are. That said, don't be afraid to use light weights to achieve this goal.

Basic Instructions: For seated dumbbell bicep curls, aka the 'girl curls,' sit back in a chair with your shoulders and buttocks touching the chair, and your feet flat on the floor in front of you. Grasp a dumbbell in each hand and hold them at your side, palms facing up. Slowly raise dumbbells, one at a time or both arms together, while inhaling to a count of four. Then reverse the process while exhaling to a four count. Do 8 to 10 reps daily on each side.

5. The Bicycle Exercise for Stomach Cellulite

The bicycle targets all abdominal muscles, including those on your side by running them through the full range of motion. It's easy, doesn't require equipment and the results are outstanding.

Basic Instructions: Start by lying face up on your mat (or just on the floor). Place hands behind your head with fingers laced together, supporting the weight of your head. Raise your knees to your chest, lifting shoulder blades off the floor, but do not put any strain on your neck.

Rotate to your left side while bringing your right elbow towards your left knee and straightening your right leg. Switch sides by bringing your left elbow towards your right knee, and straightening your left leg. Alternate these movements from one side to another in a pedaling motion for 12 to 15 reps. Rest for 2 minutes, then do another set. Repeat for a total of three sets. As you gain strength, you can increase reps for more of a challenge.

6. Vertical, Horizontal Leg Crunches for Stomach Cellulite

Basic Instructions: Lie on your back on the floor while extending your legs straight up with knees crossed. Place hands behind your head, lacing fingers together for support, but do not pull on your neck. Contract your abdominal muscles while lifting your shoulder blades off the floor, until your torso is more or less parallel with your legs. Lower and repeat 10 to 15 reps.

Rest two minutes, then do another set. Again, as you gain core strength you can challenge yourself by increasing reps. All crunches are beneficial for strengthening your abs. The higher your legs are when doing crunch exercises, the lower the ab muscles you're targeting. So, to target the abs at the top of your abdomen, raise your feet just a few inches off the floor.

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