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Anti Cellulite Gel - How Effective is It Really?

Ask one hundred women to name the most unattractive feature of their skin, and at least 90 of them may mention cellulite, for two reasons. First, at least 90% of all women have cellulite. Second, since it was first described by Vogue magazine in 1968, cellulite has been considered an unattractive defect in the surface of skin. The free online dictionary, Wikipedia, describes cellulite as "a topographic (surface) skin change that occurs in most post-pubertal females...a modification of skin topography (surface) evident by skin dimpling and nodularity (bumpiness) that occurs mainly in women on the pelvic region, lower limbs and abdomen, and is caused by the herniation (abnormally protruding) of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue, leading to a padded or orange peel-like appearance."

The term 'cellulite' is more a description than a condition. Most medical doctors consider cellulite to be a normal condition in women that is somehow linked to estrogen production. Other hormones such as insulin, thyroid hormone and prolactin are also believed to play a part in cellulite development. The big question everyone's mind is this - what is the best anti-cellulite treatment available? There are no easy answers to that question. In fact many doctors, including the instructors of Harvard Medical School, have stated in no uncertain terms that there is no cure for cellulite!

There are a lot of unscrupulous manufacturers of anti-cellulite products who will tell you otherwise. There are also some honest folks in the business who will tell you the truth. Short of invasive surgery such as liposuction, there's really no way to remove cellulite from your body. You can reduce the appearance of cellulite through weight loss, strength training, cardiovascular exercise to shrink all your fat cells and increase muscle mass in problem areas. There are also many topical creams and gels that will improve the tone and appearance of your skin while working to shrink fat cells and encourage collagen development for thicker, healthier, more toned skin.

A recent trend in the cellulite reduction industry has seen consumers move from anti cellulite cream toward anti cellulite gel as the preferred topical product that helps them achieved the desired results. Here's why....Unlike creams, an anti cellulite gel is not sticky or greasy. Oils and creams often contain fatty lipids just like the ones you're trying to get rid of, and they may clog your pores. They are also more likely to cause an allergic reaction than gels. Gels are absorbed into the skin quickly and easily. All you have to do is apply the gel to clean skin and let it dry. Most anti cellulite gels create a pleasant cool and tingling sensation when applied to the skin, which makes them ideal for use in the summer, when most of us want to show off our smooth and toned bare skin. Gels have no unpleasant smell. In fact, anti-cellulite gels are available in several fragrances.

The best cellulite gels do not harm the body or the skin. In fact, they may help the body flush out toxins naturally. These gels contain ingredients such as caffeine, aminphylline, butchers broom, centella, bayberry and other botanical herbs with anti-inflammatory properties. These encourage subcutaneous fat cells to shrink while they promote increased blood circulation and collagen production. Anti cellulite gel also contains natural anti-oxidants to fight the harmful effects of potentially cancerous free radicals These anti-oxidants may include retinol and vitamin, and may be derived from mulberry, cranberry jojoba oil, tea tree oil and/or other botanical sources..

Recent studies indicate that cellulite is more of an issue with overweight women, so any effective anti-cellulite treatment should also include a healthy low-fat low-cal diet, and moderate aerobic and anaerobic strength and conditioning exercises three to six times a week. Other tips to help you achieve the best results in your cellulite reduction efforts include drinking plenty of water, as well as fruit and vegetable juices. Dry brushing your skin in affected areas before applying anti-cellulite gel will also support your cellulite reduction efforts by increasing blood circulation in those areas. A multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement, fish oil capsules and a B complex vitamin tablet taken daily will also increase the quality of your cellulite reduction efforts.

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