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Anti Cellulite Products - Are They Really The Answer?

Just mention the word cellulite and most women will react with disgust at the very thought of this oh-so-common skin condition. Cellulite is that dimpled, orange peel appearance that all women dread.

Cellulite typically affects skin on the thighs, buttocks, stomach, hips and occasionally the upper arms. For years, experts have recommended weight loss as one of the most effective methods of getting rid of cellulite, but unless other measures are also taken, simple weight loss may possibly make the situation worse.

Medical and physical fitness experts suggest that a balanced diet and dramatically increased water consumption will help eliminate the appearance of cellulite. Recent studies have demonstrated that, although weight loss can be an effective tool when used with effective anti cellulite products, it can also lead to an increase in the uneven, bumpy cottage cheese characteristics of cellulite in certain subjects.

A recent study published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Medical Journal observed 29 women participating in different weight loss programs. These plans consisted of low fat meals, liquid diets, gastric surgery and appetite suppressants.

17 of the participants experienced significant improvement in the appearance of cellulite on their bodies, while 9 subjects saw the appearance of cellulite worsen. Those who experienced the most improvement had lost weight and lowered their percentages of body fat, particularly in the thighs. These women typically had higher BMI scores than the average participant. The women whose cellulite worsened had lower than average BMIs, experienced no change in amounts of thigh fat, and lost the least amount of weight.

Researchers noted that skin elasticity after weight loss played an important role. Cellulite appearances worsened in women with looser skin after weight loss. Some of the overweight women saw the appearance of cellulite improve while others saw it worsen. This study seems to suggest potential benefits for women following weight loss programs to reduce cellulite if they also use effective anti cellulite products and other therapies to tighten skin in conjunction with burning off fat and loosing weight. This would also include muscle building and muscle toning exercises.

Exercise and diet alone cannot help you win the war against cellulite. Although the list of anti cellulite products in today's cosmetics market is a mile long, most of these anti cellulite products do not live up to the promises they make.

Several of the most expensive products are also the most ineffective, believe it or not. Luckily, you don't have to own a fortune 500 company to afford high quality anti cellulite products that work! Many of them are priced quite reasonably, you just have to know where to look -- Hint! Hint! You're already at one of the best cellulite treatment websites on the web!

Cellulite is not the term for the fat in your cellulite prone areas, it refers more to the storage system that induces the appearance of those orange peel bumps and indentations in cellulite-prone skin. Losing weight helps reduce the size of the fat cells, but really does nothing to change the condition that actually causes cellulite to appear.

The best anti cellulite products -- such as Revitol Cellulite Solution -- address skin tone, thickness and elasticity of the skin. These characteristics enable the skin to firmly hold back the subcutaneous fat cells pushing against it. Many women with cellulite utilize anti cellulite products containing herbs and other natural products. Here is a list of herbs found to be effective when used in cellulite creams and anti cellulite products.

Kelp has been recognized as a natural anti-cellulite treatment for many years. Many have even claimed that kelp is one-stop cellulite "cure" -- thought I wouldn't go that far to be honest.

Scientists theorize the high iodine content in kelp stimulates thyroid function, boosts metabolism and burns fat. Although usually applied as an ingredient in topical anti cellulite cream products, kelp is edible, nutrient rich and may be capable of kick-starting a fat burning plan.

Caffeine is yet another common ingredient found in the best anti cellulite products. Caffeine is a natural diuretic that flushes fluids from the skin. The cellulite reduction effects of caffeine are temporary, so the continuous use of anti-cellulite products containing caffeine is usually required for long term results.

Gotu Kola strengthens collagen fibers and promotes circulation in cellulite problem areas. This versatile herb also increases flexibility in connective tissues. Gotu Kola has medicinal effects when taken as a dietary supplement, so it is a popular herb that is readily available for anyone who'd like to concoct their own homemade anti cellulite products.

Rosemary Oil has a reputation as a highly effective herbal oil when used with anti cellulite treatments; such as massage therapy. Massage therapy is effective in generating heat that is believed to burn fat cells. It also increases blood circulation that aids in the elimination of excess fluids and toxins in cellulite prone areas. Rosemary oil boosts metabolism and fluid reduction in target areas. So combined, you can see that this would great one very potent effect.

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