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3 Cellulite Home Remedies That Work

It's not all that difficult to reduce and prevent cellulite build up. All you need is a little patience and the right assortment of cellulite home remedies. While I can't help you with the patience part, I CAN give you the best home remedies for cellulite so you can get started now. Here they are.

Reduce Orange Peel & Dimply Skin With These 3 Cellulite Home Remedies...

1. The Cellulite Diet. This is a pretty straightforward remedy. You take out all of the foods which have been helping to build cellulite, and then you add in foods which aid in taking it away. For instance...

Stop eating funk food & fast food 4-5 times a week. Stop gulping down a soda or soft drink with every meal you eat. Stop having fatty, sugar loaded snacks between those meals. Stop drinking coffee in the morning and afternoon as though it were your very life-blood.

Now, start eating more lean meats & fish 4-5 times a week. Start gulping down as much vegetable & fruit juice as you can with every meal. Start having natural snacks in between meals to keep you full (handful of almonds, hazelnuts, low fat cheese, berries, salad, vegetables, etc). Start drinking natural teas (green tea) in the morning & afternoon if you really, REALLY need that energy boost.

Cellulite diets work great, but the trick is to stay on them and combine them with OTHER effective cellulite home remedies. Otherwise, the results are likely to be slow and unimpressive.

2. The Cellulite Workout. We all hate working out, that's obvious. However, you must realize that exercise is a KEY ingredient to keeping a cellulite free body. While working out every day for 45 minutes or more will get you stunning results, it's not needed to achieve success. Truth be told, you can get terrific results with just 25 minutes of exercise, 4 to 5 days a week.

The ultimate enemy of cellulite happens to be cardio. With regular cardio, circulation and bloodflow increase dramatically throughout the body, making it harder & harder for cellulite to remain in the area. In addition, lean muscle also begins to develop, which FURTHER reduces the appearance of cellulite.

What type of exercise is best, you ask? Well, that depends on the enormity of the problem. If you're only targeting the legs or thighs, you can get away with doing squats, leg presses, and/or even the most basic leg exercises. If you're aim is more ambitious, such as ALL of the cellulite on your body, then a "full body" exercise like swimming, running, or bike riding may be the better choice.

3. The Cellulite Combo. This is a two part cellulite home remedy which involves using celulite cream and a cellulite massager. First, you apply the cream to the skin and massage it in with your hands. Then, you take the massager and use it forcefully on the same area. This technique has a two-prong effect...

A. The cream will get deep down into the skin and do a wide variety of things; repair & strengthen connective tissue, reduce the size & amount of fat storage cells, strengthen skincells, increase circulation and bloodflow, and firm & tone the surface of the skin.

B. The massager will do 3 things all on it's own. It will increase blood flow & circulation in the treated region. It will drastically improve lymphatic system drainage (waste). And finally, the force will physically break up these deposits of fatty tissue over time.

While both A & B are great alone, combining them together makes for a beyond phenomenal cellulite treatment; one that will provide stunning results within mere weeks. If you only got to pick one treatment, this is definitely the one I'd pick.

Even though there are dozens of cellulite home remedies you can choose from, these 3 particular cellulite treatments have proven to be the best of the best. They might not work instantly, but they DO produce results!

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