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Cellulite Removal Methods :: Natural Ways to Lose Cellulite

How to Lose Cellulite - 7 Super Tips

Cellulite build up is disgusting and very damaging to the skin, which can be see by the condition of the skin once these fatty deposits have "taken root". While some people will go on & on about how it's "natural" to have celulite and how it's very difficult to get rid of so you shouldn't even bother, most of us can't simply "accept it" and move on with our lives. Our self confidence is far too damaged for that to be possible.

Fortunately for us all, there are numerous ways to get rid of cellulite and to make sure it stays off of our bodies for good. So, if you're having celulite problems, do yourself a favor and learn how to lose cellulite fast by reading the 7 tips below.

7 Ways to Lose Cellulite Naturally...

1. Fish Oil Capsules: Most people aren't open to the idea of eating lots & lots of fish each and every week. That said, the best next thing is to take fish oils capsules regularly -- also known as omega-3 capsules. Why is fish important for getting rid of cellulite? Because they contain wildly beneficial oils & fats which can help to improve and repair your skin.

2. Proteins: Rather than giant burgers and massive streaks, you need to eat leaner cuts of meat and poultry. This will equip your body with much needed amino acids so that it can better fight off celulite. Nuts are also an excellent source of protein & “good” fats.

3. Healthier Diet: Less junk food, more fruits & veggies and all natural foods. Fiber abundant, antioxidant-rich, vitamin-packed foods are a tremendous help when trying to lose cellulite. You don't have to become a hardcore dieter to get the benefits, but you will have to make several "smart" eating changes. To make it easier, start small and incorporate a few “healthier” items into your meals with each new day.

4. 20 Minutes of Cardio: Let's face it, cellulite is attracted to lazy, inactive individuals that are more akin to watching TV on the couch then they are to jogging around the neighborhood. Is an hour at the gym every day necessary? No, but you will have to get a bit more active to keep your circulation & bloodflow at heightened levels; a measure which keeps cellulite from getting too "comfortable". Swimming, running, jogging, playing Wii Fit, power walking, aerobics video, etc.

5. Daily Skin Brushing: Using a dry skin brush isn't that great of a technique for how to lose cellulite, but it can help to reduce the appearance of dimples and bumpy skin. Use this several times a day to get a more even texture across the surface of the skin.

6. Massages and Lotions: A cellulite massager combined with a good anti-cellulite lotion is an excellent, excellent strategy to make use of. Do this method twice daily -- apply the cream, then use the massager thoroughly on your skin -- and you'll see impressive results far faster than ANY other remedy listed here.

7. Patience & Determination: Alright, you caught me, this isn't an actual strategy for how to lose cellulite. But you need to understand that these two things are incredibly vital to your success.

Cellulite reduction will not happen overnight, no matter how many cellulite treatments you use. It's going to take time -- perhaps 3 weeks, perhaps 3 months, perhaps half a year. The important thing is for you to stick with your chosen remedies and never give up. The reason most people fail to lose cellulite when they begin their “quest” is because they give up too soon. Remember that when you feel like quitting!

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