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Cellulite Removal Methods :: How to Prevent Cellulite

5 Tops Ways to Prevent Cellulite

Summer is the time of year when many people, women in particular, start scrutinizing their bodies closer than ever. Women everywhere want to know the best ways to prevent cellulite. At least 9 out of 10 women have visible pockets of cellulite, especially in the buttocks and thighs. How to prevent cellulite, or even how to get rid of it, is a problem with no definitive solution. Even liposuction does not remove cellulite, it only removes the fat beneath the cellulite structure. You can reduce the appearance of cellulite using skin care products, medical or cosmetic procedures and lifestyle changes. You must exercise diligence in any cellulite prevention plan to improve skin tone, enhance your health and sense of well being. The best ways to prevent cellulite include these 5 highly effective approaches.


In mesotherapy, a solution containing vitamins B complex, C, flavonoside, procaine and saline is injected into the skin and underlying tissue with the intent of dissolving lipids in the fat cells that cause cellulite. Mesotherapy is one of the ways to prevent cellulite from accumulating by improving circulation within the fat, reducing cellulite fat storage, and breaking down damaged connective tissue. The average cost of mesotherapy runs between $250 and $500 per body part per treatment, with the average patient receiving treatment on two to three body parts at one time. Eight to ten treatments are necessarily, in most cases, for how to prevent cellulite. This number of treatments is highly recommended for most patients, and must be spaced out one per week. Total costs range from $2500 to $12,000, which is comparable to what you might spend with liposuction.


Ionithermie is another of the many ways to prevent cellulite, originally invented in 1978 by Olivier Fouche. Preventing cellulite with ionithermie can be done in spas, salons, and physicians' offices. A doctor or licensed therapist scrubs the affected area with special heated gloves and an exfoliate product. A masque of algae and other botanical ingredients is applied. The area is wrapped in fabric and covered in a combination of algae and thermal clay. Two types of electrical impulses are administered with electrodes. Galvanic stimulation creates negative and positive ions to draw toxins from the skin, and absorb the nutrients in the algae and clay. Faradic stimulation causes involuntary muscle contractions which mimic muscle firming exercise. Each session can last 45 minutes. Then the hardened clay is removed and moisturizing cream is applied. An average treatment costs around $140. Results are normally temporary unfortunately. Diet and exercise can extend the effects of ionithermie cellulite treatments, and thus is highly advised.

DIET (& Exercise)

These two therapies are listed together because if you want either to be an effective way to reduce or prevent cellulite, you have to do them together! Effective ways to prevent cellulite are diets that provide enough of the proper nutrients to repair your connective tissue, support the digestive system and stimulate healthy blood circulation in cellulite fat cells. Eat lots of fruits, protein rich vegetables, less red meat, and fried foods. Increase your intake of essential fatty acids found in fish, and consume around 64 oz. of water per day in addition to any coffee or tea products.


If you're looking for exercises for how to prevent cellulite, a combination of strength training, cardiovascular and isometric exercises is the best option. These include lifting weights and resistance training for strength. Cardio exercise includes walking, running, biking or swimming. Isometric exercise is the contraction of muscles in cellulite problem areas, such as buttocks thighs, and abdomen. Anaerobic exercise is characterized by short bursts of energy designed to increases the body's metabolism. It will also help reduce cellulite by improving overall fitness, increasing energy levels and promoting good health.


A number of visualization and self hypnosis programs have been developed as techniques for how to prevent cellulite, and they help people make positive lifestyle changes. Many folks have successfully used these programs to obtain permanent weight loss as well as quit smoking for good. Visualization and self hypnosis can help you to implement any new habit if you are willing to 'set your mind' to the ways to prevent cellulite.

Utilizing self-hypnosis to alter how you see yourself will encourage you to seek a multi-dimensional plan for how to prevent cellulite. These positive changes will improve your cellulite reduction results and prevent any cellulite from forming.

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