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3 Tips for How to Treat Cellulite Naturally

Are you sick and tired of cellulite? Do you want to get rid of those annoying pockets of fat that make your skin look like the surface of an orange? If you answered 'yes' to these questions (and who wouldn't?) then don't you leave this page! This article -- and more importantly, this website -- will provide you with helpful information about how to treat cellulite and get rid of it for good!

Cellulite refers to those lumpy pockets of fat that develop on the abdomen, breasts, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms of countless women and a handful of men. Many of them don't know what causes cellulite, they just know they hate it and they want it gone! However, the best method of solving a problem is to get to the root cause, therefore a brief explanation is in order.

What Is Cellulite, Really?

At the cellular level, cellulite is identical to other body fat, and location is the only factor that sets it apart. It resides between skin and muscles, surrounding the stringy tissue known as septae, that connects these one to the other.

It is normal for women to develop cellulite, because of the way septae is structured beneath female skin. These 'tie downs' form honeycomb shaped compartments where fat cells accumulate. As these grow, the fat pushes against the skin, which is thinner and more delicate in cellulite prone areas. This causes skin to bulge out around the septea where it connects to the skin.

3 Easy Tips for How to Treat Cellulite

If your goal is to be cellulite free, first, you need to set realistic goals. Second, cellulite will not disappear overnight, so don't get your hopes up with ANY treatment you use. Thirdly, remember that your cellulite problem may indeed return if you fail to maintain the improvements you've made. Lastly, patience is the key; as it can take many weeks, if not months, before you shed unwanted deposits of cellulite.

Tip #1 Take a Look At Your Weight

One important element in any cellulite reduction program is weight loss, which along with strength training and cardiovascular exercise, is still the best way to eliminate excess fat.

Most women develop cellulite during pregnancy, and it's ill advised to diet when you're pregnant. However, you can manage healthy weight gain during pregnancy through a sensible diet and moderate exercise program. Fruits, vegetables and a lean source of animal or vegetable protein are always your best food choices.

If you're not pregnant, following a similar plan with an eye toward weight loss is still an excellent method of how to treat cellulite that will help you improve your overall appearance and body image. Pregnant or not, don't forget to take your vitamins and get plenty of omega-3s.

Tip #2 Exercise More Daily

To reduce your total amount of body fat, it is necessary to burn the excess energy stored in your body's fat cells. Cardiovascular exercise, strength training and stretching exercises all play a role in this process.

20 minutes of each, 4 to 5 days a week is ideal. Cardio such as aerobics, walking, running, etc. raises & improves your heart rate and makes you sweat (which cleanses toxins).

Resistance training and weightlifting helps you build muscle, which is more dense than fat and will "muscle out" these unsightly fat deposits.

As you lose fat and build muscle, your cellulite cells will shrink, and your muscles will stand out, making you look firm, toned and sexier than ever. Stretching exercises such as yoga or tai chi will keep you limber and further enhance overall muscle tone.

Tip #3 - Drink Plenty of Water, Every Day!

Drinking plenty of water can be a highly effective method of how to treat cellulite. It basically aids your body in the elimination of toxins and waste while keeping you hydrated.

The recommended daily intake of water is approximately eight, 8 oz glasses of water per day. However if you choose, you can drink up to 10 glasses to flush your body of excess toxins. Drinking ONLY water can be dreadful -- believe me, I know -- so feel free to throw in some fruit juices (for the antioxidants) to keep yourself sane.

If you really hate the taste of plain water -- which isn't uncommon, try flavoring it with lemon or lime juice, peppermint extract and the like. I'm not a big fan of artificially sweetened drinks, as this just introduces potential toxins into your system; so I advice you to stay away from them as well.

Caffeine and other energizing ingredients in sports drinks act as diuretics. If you must drink beverages containing them, off set these with equal amounts of pure, clean water. Avoid caffeinated or sugary soft drinks like the plague! They do nothing to support a cellulite reduction plan.

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